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Bee Queen Rearing Cup Kit

Name: Beekeeping Tool Set Material: plastic / stainless steel Size: as shown Application: Beekeeping use Features: high quality
material, safe and non-toxic, This queen rearing equipment set is used for laying eggs to raise queens. You can simply put it at
the bottom of a hive frame, easy to use. Not easy to break and aging, non-drug, non-toxic, light weight and harmless to bees. A
very useful beekeeping equipment tool to help you more good breeding and management of bee. Package: 1 Pcs x Cultivating Box 120
Pcs x Brown Cell Cup 20 Pcs x Queen Cage 1 Pcs x Queen bee mark bottle 1 Pcs x Beekeeping Clip 1 Pcs x Move worms needle 1 Pcs x
Round Prisoner Cage Steps for usage: Step 1: You insert the comb kit cup for beginners in a frame and 110 brown cell phone are
mounted on the back. (With this kit you will be able to create your own queens and do it without grafting and love touching one of
the larvae .) Step 2: Next you limit the queen in front of the cage and she immediately puts the eggs in the 110 available cells.
It may also be a launch the next day. on the fourth day each newly hatched larvae is ready for the transfer. Step 3: You remove
each cell starter cup holder and insert it into a cell phone). Step 4: Then you slipped this unit into a cell phone holder that is
attached to a bar mobile phone. Step 5: To end the cells you now put the cell bar in a cell building the colony. Note: All data is
measured by hand. If there is any error, please refer to the actual product. Due to the lighting, the display will have different
color, please refer to the actual product.
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