10 Frame Super Bee Box Langstroth Medium Unassembled Beehive Kit Hive with Frames for Beekeeping

$ 104.66

Product Description

Hive Body Kit

Product Description Hive Body Kit Includes Unassembled Hive Body, 10 Unassembled Wood Frames Material: fir, 20mm board thickness
Size:as the picture show Package: 1 set Unassembled beehive box Feature: 1. More Large Space For Bee Activitie, Fits 10-Frame
Standard Langstroth Hive.Holds 10 Frames And Foundations,are completed with a wax-coated ,Can Generate 20% More Honey Than 8-Frame
2. Made Of Fir With Precise Polishing On Both Sides, Durable And Safe.We Recommend Placing Your Beehives Atop Pallets Or Concrete
Blocks To Protect From Groundfloor Degradation. 3. Be Used To Swap During Harvesting Replace Broken Frame,It Can Also Be Used
Alone As A Beehive To Raise Bees.The Function Is Up To You. 4.This Ready-To-Use Bee Hive Box Measures about 19 Inch Length By
16-Inch Width By 6--Inch Height, Making It Great For Keeping In A Backyard Or Field.

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