25*45CM Stainless Steel Manual 2 Frames Bee Honey Extractor Honey Centrifuge for Beekeeping

$ 176.99

Product Description
Stainless Steel Manual 2 Frames  Honey Extractor
* This honey extractor is made of high quality stainless steel, clean, hygienic and durable
* It's a 2-frame manual honey extractor with flat bottom and more durable.
* It is used to extract honey from beehive by centrifugal force without destroying the comb.
* Liquefied bucket bottom, strong loading weight, long lifespan
* Fine construction, cast iron gear inside, strong power, high efficiency
* This product is essential for beekeepers, a excellent beekeeping equipment, proving convenient for beekeepers

Material: stainless steel, cast iron gear

Inside casing size: 25*45cm/9.84*17.72in
Product size: 72*34.5cm/28.3*13.5in
Weight: 8350g

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