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Product Description

Bee Queen Rearing Cup Kit

Reversible double-layer frame, while wearing two types of lenses, avoiding wasted time
Adjustable LED lights for easier use
Size can be adjusted, any head shape can be worn
5 horn transfer needles, can meet all the needs
5 quill pens for easy collection of royal jelly
High-quality royal jelly bar, you can get royal jelly more easily
A complete set of worm transfer packages is an indispensable tool for your beekeeping
Name: Cultivating bee queen, royal jelly suit
Material: New high-quality material
Size: as shown
Four lenses:
1.2 times (optimal distance 10-50cm)
1.8 times (optimal distance 20-30cm)
2.5 times (optimal distance 10-20cm)
3.5 times (optimal distance 8-15cm)
Package includes:
1 headlight
5Pcs × Movement Needle
5Pcs × Pulling pen
5Pcs × sliver
Manual measurement, please prevail in kind
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