Beekeeping Clothing Kit Bee Hive Tools Suit Queen Cage Clips Uncapping Fork Water Feeder Gloves Brush For Equipment Beekeeper

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Product Description
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Specification: Material: Stainless Steel + Plastic+Wood Color: As Pictures Show Size: Please Refer to The Below Picture Package
included: 1 X Beekeeping Clothing 1 X Uncapping Fork 1 X Queen Catcher 1 X Bee Brush 1 X Gloves 1 X Hive Tool

Features 1. Queen Marking Cage With Plunger 2. Bee Brush---Fine quality with pure pig bristle and plastic handle 3. Uncapping
Fork--- Sturdy moulded plastic with tines 4. Queen Catcher--- Plastic ,'hair clip' type 5. HIve Frame Holder---Sturdy effective
tool for removing the frame 6. Hive Tool--- 'J ' shaped with special iron steel,perfect to separate hive boxes, pry out frames,
and scrap wax and propolis off of your bee boxes and frames

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