Beekeeping Drink Feeders Plastic Feeding Fountains Beekeeping Apiculture Tools

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Product Description
Bee Feeder Honey Entrance
Bee water feeder, is a good bee bee, yellow base color is eye-catching, like the color of flowers, there are anti-smashing water
points, better protection of small bees, white translucent feeding cup, can be See the capacity outside, better to add water or
sugar water, the overall placement of the ground / nest door / bee top is stable without tilting, easy to operate, easy to use,
saves time and effort, is a good tool for bee feeding!

Name: New Bee Drinking Fountains
Material: High quality plastic
Color: Yellow
Capacity: Approx. 500ml
Type: Bee Feeder
Features: beekeeping drink Feeders
Purpose: Beekeeping Tools
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