Beekeeping Mating Equipment Queen Rearing Honeybee Artificial Insemination Instrument Kits With Professional Microscope

$ 1,520.99

Product parameters:
Color : As shown in the figure
Material: Stainless Steel,Syringe: acrylic
Beekeeping Mating Equipment
Insemination instrument: The insemination instrument consists of a base supporting the hooks and syringe holders and a queen holder. It is a specially designed manipulator which facilitates the collection and insertion of semen into the vaginal orifice of the queen (with pressuregrip or dorsal perforated hook). The low height has advantages under the microscope. Semen is collected in the syringe, of which the assembly is shown under the picture. The parts of the instrument which have contact with the semen and saline solution must be sterilized to avoid problems with contamination. A house-hold pressure cooker is useful to sterilize the
The sales did not include a microscope!

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