Ginger Hair Growth Cream 30g Jar

$ 12.00

Ingredients: Ginger Oil, Collagen, Vitamin E. 
POWERFUL GROWTH BLEND: Our Formula Made From Olive Leaf, And Super Boosted By The Addition Of Allantoin, Panthenol -Vitamin B5 And Vitamin E Will Help Target Area With Rich Nutrients Like Fertilizer Does For A Lawn. It Will Strengthen Hair And Provide The Nutrients It Needs To Revive Dormant Follicles. STRONG, THICK HAIR: - Our Nourishing Formula Strengthens Thinning And Weak Hair Resulting In Noticeably Thicker, Fuller And Healthier Hair. Strengthens The New Hair Growing In Bald Patches. HEALTHIER SCALP: This Leave-in Treatment Moisturizes And
Soothes Dry Scalps. Shea Butter Is Believed To Have Anti-inflammatory Properties That May Assist The Scalp In Regrowing Hair. Vitamin E Works As An Antioxidant, Which Means It Will Work As Protection Against Any Damage That Has Harmed The Follicles Previously And Will Encourage Strengthened Hair. A Lightweight Formula That Can Be Used To Moisturize And Nourish The Scalp And Hair.
TOP QUALITY POWERFUL INGREDIETNS: Ginger Extract Is Known For Achieving Strengthened By Providing Elasticity And Moisturizing Hair Follicles just Like Vitamin E, Works As An Antioxidant. The Difference Is That Besides Having The Similar Features As Vitamin E, It Also Protects From Breakage And Split Ends While Working As A Moisturizer To Smooth Out Any Roughness.
SAFE & GENTLE: Our Lightweight Formula Can Be Used By Both And Woman. It Is Very Gentle Yet Provides Amazing Results. No Harsh Or Unpronounceable Chemical Ingredients. Color Safe. Lightly Conditions For Soft, Manageable Hair.

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