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Product Description
Nuc box
Plastic multifunctional revolving nest door, instead of traditional nest door, is not easy to lose, integrates four functions 1.
Closed nest door 2. Beehive ventilation 3. Only for male bees to enter and exit 4. Large exit for all bees to enter and exit.
Compared with the first-generation mating box, the bee spleen is added. If the feeder is taken out, up to 6 boxes of bees can be
cultivated. If you need a feeder, you can breed up to 4 frames of bees. Compared with the old model, increase the number of bees
by 20-30% to make the colony stronger.
Large-capacity water feeder
The large-capacity water feeder increases the capacity by 30% compared with the old model, reducing the feeding workload. The
plastic water feeder can prevent honey from biting and increase the service life of the product.
Scope of application
Perfect for garden pollination.Durable in use.Essential tool for beekeeping.

Type:Beekeeping King Box
Color:as shown
Net weight:350g/12.35oz
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