Fresh Royal Jelly 5 oz Jar (142 grams of Pure Royal Jelly)

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Royal Jelly is produced by honeybees to feed larvae at the early stage of the honeybee lifecycle. Royal Jelly is a complete nutritional substance that allows the larvae to grow into an adult honeybee. During the larvae stage if larvae is fed an excessive amount of royal jelly the larvae will become a queen bee. The queen bee will be fed only royal jelly throughout its entire adult life while worker honeybees feed off of honey and bee pollen. A queen bee can live up to 8 years and worker bees can live up to 30 days. This has given rise to the popularity of royal jelly being used as a supplemental superfood due to its high nutritional content and longevity boosting effects. Royal Jelly has a distinct citrus bitter flavor, by mixing it with our raw honey the flavor is enhanced with sweetness.

Our Royal Jelly is harvested without harm to the larvae. Most royal jelly producers will use a suction device to harvest the royal jelly which destroys the larvae. By using a small tool each larvae is safely extracted from the honeycomb cells and placed back in the hive so that the bees can restore the larvae's nutritional needs. The excess royal jelly is then harvested and immediately frozen in our 5 oz. jars. 

Each bottle of royal jelly is shipped frozen to maintain its peak freshness after harvesting. Royal jelly in the beehive is created by the nurse bees in large amounts surrounding each larvae in a pool of royal jelly during the larvae stage. The nurse bees cap the larvae in the royal jelly with bees wax and form a cell. The larvae consume the pool of royal jelly for up to 21 days until they hatch as an adult bee. Therefore, contrary to popular belief royal jelly does not expire or lose potency due to temperature since the bees consume royal jelly inside the hive which is an average of 94 degrees Fahrenheit. It is recommended to refrigerate royal jelly after opening to maintain its peak freshness. 

Our Fresh Royal Jelly needs to be kept refrigerated to maintain freshness.

*Each teaspoon serving provides 5,000 mg of Fresh Royal Jelly and 142g of Royal Jelly per bottle.

Key Benefits of Royal Jelly

  • Provides natural energy and stamina from B Vitamins, Antioxidants, carbs, proteins, and 10-Hydroxydecanoic acid.

  • Natural energy source for recovery from exercise.

  • Provides Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory effects.

  • Helps to reduce total and bad cholesterol levels.

  • Heals skin for maintaining youthful moisture levels, increases collagen levels and radiance. 

  • Royal Jelly relaxes smooth muscle cells in veins and arteries for maintaining and lowering healthy blood pressure levels. 

  • Regulates blood sugar levels by reducing stress and inflammation. 

  • Antioxidant properties support brain function.

  • Increases tear secretion to treat chronic dry eye. 

  • Supports immune system due to antibacterial and antiviral properties.

  • Helps promote skin, hair and nail health.

  • These benefits can be experienced by applying topically to skin/hair and by consuming the product.


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