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Our raw honey comes straight from our hives which are located on environmentally protected USDA Pollinator Habitat land along the Loup River within Central Nebraska. This wildlife habitat protected land is located several miles away from any agricultural ground, and provides our bees with a floral source of over 40 different blooming wildflowers from the untamed prairie of Nebraska. The top pollinator wildflowers that our bees forage on from spring until fall in Central Nebraska include penstemons, purple, white, silky, and foxtail prairie clover, milkweed, legumes, wild bergamot, rocky mountain bee plant, a variety of sunflowers, goldenrod, and asters, among many more flowering plants.

Click on the "Raw Honey" tab above to see all our varieties of raw honey. We employ organic beekeeping methods to ensure our bees are healthy and that all our bee products are the way nature has intended. When you purchase our honey, it comes straight from us the beekeeper, as we extract and bottle all of our honey by hand straight from our hives. Our honey is never heated or processed in order to maintain all the health benefits of natural honey including enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, and pollen.

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