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Make a donation today to support Prairie River Honey Farm in effort to help save the bees! Statistics show all across the United States that nearly 1/3 of all bee colonies die each year. Several factors are involved in the disappearance of honey bees including colony collapse disorder, the use of agricultural chemicals and pesticides, varroa mites (a bee parasite), natural disasters, and the shortage of flowering plants due to urbanization and agricultural landscape methods.

Prairie River Honey Farm has seen bee losses each year due to harsh winters, Nebraska flooding along the Loup River, severe thunderstorms with the threat of tornadoes, and wildfires. We are reaching out to our customers and anyone else who wants to support the honey bee's vital impact within nature.

Your donation will help our family owned and operated beekeeping business by providing us funds to purchase new bees and continue operations each year. Simply add to your cart a donation amount and proceed with the checkout. We thank everyone who supports us in giving back to nature and the environment by keeping bees.


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